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  1. catfishhands

    SOLD 1996 LX450 Grove, Oklahoma

    1996 LX450 166k Miles Open diff New 37” Cooper STT Pros New 17” FN bronze wheels New 2.5” Dobinsons lift with Slee front and rear sway bar drops Slee extended stainless braided brake lines all the way around Dobinsons 3 degree caster bushings Fresh birfield rebuild New wheel bearings new...
  2. m3roar

    STT Pro vs Ridge Grappler 295/70r18

    I'm about to pull the trigger on one of these. I've done a ton of browsing and such but I can't find much info on the Ridge Grapplers ( $293 each ). The STT Pro are well reviewed and rated and cheaper ( $253 each ). BUT! The STT Pro seem to lack a bit of aggressive side wall design. It's a bit...
  3. V

    Which mud terrain is better for sand dunes

    I'm between the bfg KM2 vs maxxis BIGHORN 762 vs dick cepek EXTREME COUNTRY vs cooper STT PRO . They will be used at Red Sands in El Paso where the sand can be very deep and soft. Probably 70% soft sand dunes and trails, 20% light rocks (stock 2016 4runner), and 10% mud during the rainy...
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