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  1. Notch

    New 80 Series Tailgate Storage option from Notch @ Back Bay Customs

    Hi Guys, So I have been fabricating car parts of all sorts for a long time and have decided that the custom car shop I run, Back Bay Customs, will also offer some Land Cruiser and Tundra parts as well. I have been watching the tailgate storage threads on here and personally, really want one in...
  2. 80 series tailgate lid

    80 series tailgate lid

    One of our prototype lids. It will feature full cutout edge protection, riveted lid, locking Southco latches, countersunk metric hardware & two powdercoated finishes. Free shipping too.
  3. Tailgate storage prototype

    Tailgate storage prototype

    Working on hinge details. These will be shipping soon with two micro texture powercoat colors.
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