steering stabilizer

  1. Bill F

    Brief Review: Dobinson’s Suspension (Stock Height)

    By way of background, I am less than a year into the world of Toyota 4x4s – but like many, have always admired the iconic look of Land Cruisers and British 4WD vehicles. So, when an opportunity came to pick up this 1994 Cruiser with 225K miles on it, in good shape and at a decent price, I...
  2. Swampfox58

    Cruiser Swerve?

    Notice from time to time, usually right after a shift, Ole Nellie Belle will gently swerve, usually to the right. Anyone else experience this? Thinking it may be the steering stabilizer.
  3. Rea1994


    Hello All, I recently replaced the suspension and steering stabilizer, and now I'm getting a creaking noise when turning the wheel. I need some help figuring out the cause. Thank you in advance.
  4. LittleRedWgon

    Torque numbers for Suspension

    Hey gang....Just installed an entire new SOR Heavy Duty Suspension 3" Lift Kit on my 85 Fj60. I added the Skid plates, they seem pretty burly..hope that they do well. Read some old reviews about it after the if they suck, I am gonna change to the Bolt flip kit from 4+plus. Cleaned...
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