steering conversion

  1. D

    Do I need a Steering cooler

    up grading our 67 restoration with a mini truck power steering conversion, boy those boxes are hard to find, just got one. We are using 33 inch tires, do we need a power steering cooler?
  2. Jarhead0802

    These Vendors are GREAT!

    I'm in the beginnings of either "unassing" the FJ40's previous owners' substantial hack jobs or simply replacing aging parts. Using this Forum exclusively to source advice and identify customer focused vendors, I want to give a shout out to four vendors who have consistently surpassed my...
  3. richxd87

    SOLD FJ62 Power Steering Gear Box

    Power steering gear box from a 1988 FJ62 with 270k miles on it. Fits later model 60 series with offset mounting holes, slightly different than early 60 frames. Asking $150
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