st maxx

  1. ikarus

    SOLD  1 Cooper ST Maxx 255/85r16, LX470/100 Spare

    Never driven on. Bought summer 2015. Free, don't want to ship. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah
  2. S

    For Sale  275 70 18 Cooper Discoverer ST MAXX

    Qty 4 275 70 18 Cooper Discover STMAXX tires. 2 have 12/32nds, and 2 have 14/32nds of tread all 4 are worn pretty evenly with no major cuts or chunking in the tread. Manufactured the first week of 2016. These are 265 a tire new on amazon, I would like $400 for the set, but I am open to offers...
  3. PNWScooby

    For Sale  New 255/85r16 ST Maxx w/ wheels

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