1. D

    Squeal/Screech when Revving

    Not to long ago my 1992 FJ80 started with this gawd-awful squeal/screech if I give it a little gas while in neutral. It then escalated to happening from time to time when making sharp-ish turns and accelerating through the turn. Trying to narrow down the source to see if this is something I...
  2. khoaiii

    2007 LX470 squeals at slow speed.

    So last week, i noticed this squealing sound from my car front wheels. I took it to my friend and he saw that my cv driveshaft was leaking. So we replaced that with NAPA brand CV driveshaft. But after the cv were replaced, I still notice this sound still persists at about 2 or 3 mph. Only after...
  3. midfat

    New noise after rear brake overhaul

    So I overhauled my rear brakes this weekend. Now, I have a very distinct knocking/pinging noise emanating for the rear driver's side wheel. Noise seems to present each time the wheel rotates one full revolution, forward and reverse. Definitely gets louder when I depress the brake pedal. I'm...
  4. Lou the fj60

    Started, Squealed, smoked.

    i recently moved to WA and I drove my fj60. I have been hearing these little squeaks and it sounded like it was coming from the belt. a few days later I start it and give it a little gas and it starts squealing and smoking from under the hood. i looked at the belt and the one connected to the ac...
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