1. 93jspec

    Slee Double Cardon spicer front drive shaft..salvageable?

    This last weekend a few friends and I did a little drive up here in Alaska. We went a took what is called the "Bettels snow road" which is only available in the winter. During the summer the only way in is by boat and plane. Then we headed up north and camped just a few miles from Coldfoot...
  2. S

    For Sale  Spicer 6031 Brownie Box

    Spicer 6031 Auxiliary Transmission 3 speeds: 1.9:1 under 1:1 direct .75:1 overdrive (very fast) Cast iron casing 600 ft lbs torque It was acquired years ago from a dismantler for a (never done) installation in a 10,000 lb Dodge with a 16,000 GVW. Included is the shifter and 5 drive shafts of...
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