speedo needle bounce

  1. B

    How to lubricate speedo cable?

    Hi, I recently installed a genuine original new old stock Toyota speedo cable, however it wobbles around 50 mph and becomes steady again at 70 mph. The speedo cable is factory lubricated and cannot be disassembled - it is not designed to be taken apart so you can properly lubricate the inside...
  2. buckRooski

    Intermittent ABS Light, Intermittent Differential Lock light, Speedo needle bounce and Transmission Slippage

    As an FYI for the community For the last few months I've been experiencing the above. At first intermittently then more regularly. No flashing "O/D Off" light so, while the tranny was slipping no factory indicator that it was a bad solenoid(s), I couldn't find a thread with all of these...
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