spare tire mechanism

  1. TeCKis300

    Spare Tire Mechanism Help

    My spare tire mechanism / pulley seems to bind trying to hoist up the spare. Anyone have hints? I don't want to just crank on it. Just got my tires changed out at the tire shop and they mentioned there was some resistance trying to get the spare out. No real rust to speak of in my neck of...
  2. EaglesNest

    For Sale FJ60 Parts - Gas Tank Straps, Exhaust, Etc. / Ft. Collins, CO.

    Gas Tank Support Straps - 45.00 Spare Tire Mechanism to hold spare underneath truck - 25.00 Gas Tank Level Sensor (Inserts in top of tank) - 10.00 Complete Exhaust Pipe/Muffler - 65.00 Thanks for your interest! Herb
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