1. hammerheadfistpunch

    Bipolar brakes

    EDIT: SOLVED! Brake pedal is firm and consistent. New master cylinder (to replace the old new master cylinder) and a cleaned caliper solved the mushy pedal and the sticking brakes (2 issues). Just had my brake booster replaced and I've noticed something where, when the car is first started...
  2. E

    VSC OFF/VSC TRAC/CEL Lights On - Solved

    TL;DR - Ordered a new gas cap and reset the codes. Been good to go for the last 3k+. Saw that the VSC OFF, VSC TRAC and check engine lights were all lit up. Took it by my buddy's shop and he pulled P0442 (EVAP system small leak) and P0456 (EVAP system very small leak) codes then reset them...
  3. E

    VSC Light and Center Diff Light On - Solved

    Just had this happen to me and couldn't find the solution on the forum so I figured I would share: TL;DR - Hit the center diff button so the center diff light was blinking and backed up 5-6 car lengths until the center diff clunked and the lights shut off. Started the car this morning and...
  4. Aaron04

    Possible engine vibration from 3500-4100 RPM under load

    As the title states, I have a slight vibration under acceleration/load that starts about 3500RPM and goes to 4100RPM. It doesn't vibrate in neutral when trying to replicate the issue. I've had it happen in multiple gears and different speeds, even at high speed the vibration goes away when...
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