1. mccurdyp

    Sluggish Power Steering

    My 2001 diesel Land Cruiser is down here in Honduras where the roads are very rough. A while back, the power steering became very sluggish. Sometimes it's very difficult to make a sharp turn, and it doesn't return to center easily. Belt is good and no noise for it My local mechanic suggested...
  2. J

    1991 3FE sluggish in hot weather

    My cruiser gets sluggish in the heat, especially towards 30 C (90 F). It seems to have a harder time accelerating, even though it runs at the same RPM to maintain speed. Temperature gauge holds steady, too, and all fluid levels appear to be good. I've also noticed it has a harder time...
  3. Ellison

    Sluggish feel around 2100 RPM

    In 2nd and 3rd gear I notice a hesitation and sluggish pull around 2100 RPM till 2300 RPM. Almost a skipping feel. Around 2400 it goes away. I've noticed it since I bought it, thought the new perfectly gapped Denso plugs would help, but no luck. It isn't anything too bad, just wondering if it...
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