1. oregon fj

    SOLD OUT - Repro Toyota sticker for FJ40 rear sill

    Sold Out, thanks Mudders. Thinking ahead to painting my ‘64 FJ40 FST, I have been looking at various bits that I will need/want to replace when I put it back together. And one of those items is the Toyota sticker on the rear sill that was used for a few years starting with the ‘64 model year...
  2. gator25

    75 spare carrier on late model sill

    We got our sill from Real Steel Cruiser Parts along all the repair panels, with the exception of the small patches I got from @rkymtnflyfisher .(Thanks Ryan) After fretting about where exactly to mount the spare tire carrier, studying @TractorDoc pics, waiting on the right latch, finally got...
  3. ariff

    Sill plate step fix with pics

    So I had the same problem as many of us to with the little plastic retaining nuts breaking and no longer holding the sill plate steps on their studs. Since these studs are some strange metric thread pitch it is hard to find something to replace the plastic nuts with.. Here is what I came up with...
  4. Awl_TEQ

    Awl_TEQ Metal Parts etc.

    Just setting up shop here again - several members have asked me to have everything in one place so I am building a bit of a catalogue here. How to reach me: Generally guys will post up here to express their interest, though it isn't necessary, and then start a conversation with me to work out...
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