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  1. 4Cruisers

    Later FJ40 Rectangular Side View Mirrors on '76 FJ40?

    Are later model FJ40 rectangular side view mirrors easily mounted on the front doors of a '76 FJ40? I searched for images on Google and saw some rectangular heads with three mounting screws at the arm, but don't know if they're the same hole pattern as on my '76 (first photo). If they do fit...
  2. Marleyws

    Wanted  Early 40 side view mirrors for 1970

    Please let me know if you have any side view mirrors pictures and pricing shipped to 44216 thanks
  3. Strand4x4

    For Sale  FZJ80 Passenger Side Mirror Gray

    I have a FZJ80 Passenger Side Mirror in Good Working Condition. The paint is gray but very faded. It has a few scratches. The mirror seems solid, but I have not installed it to confirm that it does not shake. However, it feels good and stiff. Also, included is the small interior Triangle Trim. I...
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