1. ItsBavid

    How are y'all attaching shovels/axes to the side of your roof rack?

    I just installed the Bowfin cruisers rack and we're about to take our first long trip; Colorado and New Mexico. We've got everything set up except how to mount our shovel and axe. Any recommendations? I saw a couple people use the Thule attachments but only for the stock rack so I'm not too sure...

    DMOS Shovels!!!!

    DMOS makes an amazing shovel. I have 3 different models and they are all great, strong, and light weight. The compact down to fit just about anywhere. Lifetime warranty too. Right now they are having a sale!!!! SALE
  3. cruzerDave

    REMORA Group Buy

    You saw it at HIH, now see it on your rig! The product page: Land Shark Outfitters Remora is offered in bare aluminum and an anodized version. I do not have an anodized in my hands yet, and it will be at least another 2 or 3 weeks. The anodized will be gunmetal grey - we have too many...
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