1. ItsUncleCruiser

    FJ62 88 Shorted and Ignition Switch Issue

    I recently acquired a short when swapping batteries on my 88 FJ62, and fried a few wires coming from the positive post of the battery. Since then it has not started up. Dumb mistake. First thing to note is that my IG fuse (7.5A) will blow after turning the key in the ignition switch to the...
  2. sailor95

    Horn shorted out and AC gone

    So late one night this past weekend during the big storms here in the South East, I wake up to my car horn just on full blast blaring, I get out to the cae and start pulling the connecting wires to all my horns and the far passenger side one was smoking and seemed like it was causing all the...
  3. namkcaps

    HJ60 clicking in glove box turning off vehicle?

    Now every time I turn in on it starts great, but then 10 seconds later there is a clicking from the glovebox area and it turns off. I am stumped. I just had my glow plugs redone.... twice, because they kept burning out. So my mechanic put in a push button glow system that seemed to work...
  4. Nerdotronic

    stereo mystery issue

    Let's see if electronic heads can help identify this weird issue i'm having. this started happening a few days ago, after a long drive over dirt roads (ie. rattled the hell out of the car): On wet and snow days, even before driving the car, with headlights ON, there is a pretty loud constant...
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