shock mounts

  1. R

    Shock measurement using adapters

    Suspension gurus- I was given 4 free skyjacker shocks, P/N: N8012- compressed 12” extended 19.32” N8041- compressed 15.55” extended 26.33” Both are eye-eye connections so I know I’ll have to use an adapter top and bottom for the front and top for the rear. Shocks are intended for use on...
  2. K

    Raised shock mounts

    Does anyone make front raised lower shock mounts or front lowered upper shock mounts to get all the travel from the shocks after adding front bump stop extensions. Same question for the rear. Anyone make rear lowered upper shock mounts.
  3. G

    Rear Shock Pin

    So I have searched the heck out of the old threads and havent found an exact answer to my problem. My rear left shock has disconnected form my 1981 BJ60. I went and got the listed bolt etc and it does not fit. It seems that the pipe or pin must be broken because I can't see a way to attack...
  4. Levi Ely

    For Sale FJ40-FJ60 Parts Garage Sale

    These parts were going to be used on my '77 FJ40, but never got around to using them. PAYPAL ONLY. I will sell all of these items together for $175 plus shipping. Original ambulance door Hinge - 1x Lower Left side - 1x Upper right side - $50 for both. **photo in comments** Rear Lower Shock...
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