shock mount

  1. Overlandlc200

    Help with BP-51 rear shock mount placement

    I’m installing some BudBuilt shock mount sliders. I was an idiot and removed the shock from the mount. Any ideas how to compress the BP-51 shock to be able to get it back on the mount?
  2. Airborne493

    Shock mount Rusted and broke off & Low control arm bracket front side rusted and cracked need a quick fix

    I have 96 Toy Landcruiser 80 Series & the front control arm bracket is cracked. Still on but rusted and cracked. The front side is still attached. How can I reinforce w a quick easy fix. Thought about using caster plates. This is a drive on beach car only so just need it operational and...
  3. CoffmanCruiser

    Wanted  New to Land Cruisers, have broken shock mount

    Hi All, I have a 1993 Land Cruiser at my cabin in rural Alaska that I use two or three times a year. Last summer I heard a rattling sound from the suspension and took it in to the local logging camp mechanic. He told me I had a broken upper shock mount on the rear passenger side and he removed...
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