shift knob

  1. F

    Wanted gray fzj80 rear cargo carpet, auto shift knob w/od, and steering wheel

    Hey as the title states I'm looking for a grey rear cargo area carpet, steering wheel and auto shift knob with OD for my 96 fj80. PM me with details please.
  2. chuckost

    Shift Knob Caps

    I seem to remember seeing years ago someone making replacement caps for shift knobs. Anyone know where I might find them now? I know I can buy new ones, but I'm kinda sentimental since they're the original knobs from when I bought it new in 1978. Just passed 500k miles a few months ago!
  3. mmw68

    Custom Color Shift Knobs

    FYI - we can do custom color matching. Just send us a custom part - and we will color match it. If you have a Automotive paint code - that is even better.
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