semi floater

  1. CruiserWeight

    HELP! Semi-Floating Rear Axle?

    How common are semi floating rear axles here in the states, I just picked up an fj60 with a semi floating rear axle but I see so many of them with full floaters. Basically my concern is if its the original axle or the previous owner took the full floater from my 60 and slapped on a semi. I will...
  2. Gotrocks71

    For Sale  Parts For Sale, Taken off of 86' FJ-60

    I replaced a bunch of parts on my 60 with aftermarket stuff and have some left over parts that I need to get out of my yard. If you see something you want, but don't like the price, make me an offer and maybe we can work something out. Please do not low ball me! These parts are all off a 1986...
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