seat frames

  1. unfortunately

    Wanted  HJ61 or compatible driver's seat frame or seat adjuster (RHD)

    Looking for just the seat frame this time. I've got the seat upper and lower, but my seat adjuster seems to be either stripped or otherwise non-functional. If you've got ideas for repair, I'm all ears, otherwise I'm in the market for a seat frame or a functional adjuster assembly to bolt onto my...
  2. tstepp920

    Wanted  Jump Seat Frames

    Found a set...Thanks. Not sure how to delet this post WTB......Jump Seats or seat frames fro a 1980 FJ40. The photo has the correct jump seats for the year. (Ben Edwards photo, not mine)
  3. JimmyMac

    Wanted  Rear Jumpseats

    Looking for a pair of jumpseats for a 1970 FJ40, these are the long rectangular ones with single screw mounting, preferably with decent frames the rest is inmaterial. Let me know what you have thanks Jim shipping to N. California
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