1. Irish Reiver

    Keyless entry & Remote Start systems OBD1

    I want to replace the old keyless entry system which has now failed with a new model that also has a remote start function. My truck is a '94 so OBD1 (not sure if that matters). Does any one have real world recommendations ?
  2. Mrs Hulk


    Join your fellow TLCA members for an upcoming event in 2017! Check back often as more dates and details will be added. The most current information can be found on tlca.org/events/ 14th Annual Lone Star Land Cruiser Roundup March 16 – 19, 2017 K2 Rocks, Mason, Texas TLCA Open Event hosted by...
  3. woytovich

    Daydreaming: Mild buggy?

    Thinking of a mild buggy. Something with a doubler, 38-40" tires, lockers and not a lot of worry about sheet metal (less is more) Would like to do as little as possible: no desire to go to Dana axles or a v8 or to do a link suspension... staying Toyota would be desirable. Fine with liberal use...
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