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  1. T

    Running hot but not over heating

    I'm in the process of restoring a 91 land cruiser. For some reason when I start the truck the temp. gauge got straight to over heating. The truck doesn't over heat though. I noticed the temp sensor was disconnected. I replaced it with a new one and it still says it is running hot as soon as I...
  2. J

    BJ42 3B running HOT

    Hi guys, I have a cooling issue with my 3B in my BJ42. The issue occurs be the ambient temperature 70F or 95F. Upon first start, the engine will happily idle at ~185F. However, as soon as I hit the highway doing 60mph, it’ll sit at 230F. Things I’ve noticed: 40mph => 200F 50mph => 210F...
  3. cult45

    Clutch Fan Re-grease Write Up

    Found this while researching. Bookmark it! Tuning and Understanding your Toyota Viscous Fan Clutch
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