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  1. mtn biker

    Classic Cruize 4 make sure MLK weekend is open

    Since i planned classic cruize last year i thought i would plan the 2021 installment. This will be the 4th classic cruise. And they are usually very well received and a good showcase for the older land cruisers pickups and 4runners. Last i learned that doing it in late April was crazy hot. I...
  2. mtn biker

    9-19-20 wild burro

    I was looking through my trail guide book for Arizona and "Wild Burro Canyon" stood out. It is rated as a medium (blue) trail. This is not going to be a "Classic Cruise" but I do want to have a run of 40's. It is in Catalina and Saddlebrook, so close to the Tucson area. It will have to be...
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