rough country

  1. maurotrek

    Should I get Rough Country Lift

    I have a 1981 FJ60. I will only use it for dirt trails, Petroglyph hunting, camping etc, no major rock crawling I have my 4runner for that ... I called ( Dirt Logic's Lifts Tires & wheels @ 7223 Alameda - El Paso, TX 79915) to get a body lift to fit bigger tires and they quoted me at around...
  2. Mattman

    Poser Stand by Rough Country

    We always joke about our poser pics, but this takes it to another level!!! :rolleyes:
  3. ryanwk628

    Rough Country Lift Issues

    On my 11/69 FJ40 the PO installed a 4" Rough Country lift when he swapped in rebuilt axles out of a 77. I knew this was a cheapo lift and the shackle angles were off when I purchased it but the springs still had the stickers on them so I figured they would soften up a bit. I was just happy to...
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