1. shay

    60 In action up the Norther Territory with Roothy

    Got to the chance to do some 4WD and touring un in Australia's Norther Territory with my 60 Series. Bloody awesome trip and they have released it now as a digital download at The 60 performed really well and held...
  2. shay

    12HT Rebuilt roars into life

    Check this out, this fully rebuilt 12HT motor with virtually new pump and hi-flow turbo sounds amazing! I will have to start saving the pennies to get my pump rebuilt if it will make my engine sound anything like this, not sure I would get away with the exhaust though :)
  3. shay

    Oz - Roothy - Milo 2 Project

    This install of the 12Ht into a 40 series chassis and the build of the body is really starting to pick up the pace. These guys really know their stuff when it comes to custom work, and seems like it is about to get interesting on the body chop. Looks like they are posting a full series of vids...
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