1. leucadiacruiser

    For Sale  North County San Diego: 93/94 OPOR Outpost Offroad sliders by Metal Tech

    These are for side by side cats only. Link here for info. Six years on them with a lot more to go. Rattle canned - never got them powder coated. These are the full deck step slider. Includes hardware. Local pickup only in Encinitas. $500
  2. EastBayGX

    SOLD  SF Bay Area: GX470 RRW Rock-Sliders (Brand New - Non-KDSS only)

    Pair of Lexus GX470 Relations Race Wheel (RRW) V2 Rock Sliders for sale. Purchased these during their Black-Friday sale and didn't realize they were for non-KDSS models only. These were never installed and are in the original packing boxes with full hardware. $775 firm (Retail $1,150 -...
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