1. FZJ80 in KC

    Crawling for Down Syndrome - KS Rocks - July 15th

    Hey guys. I ended up chatting over HAM on the ride home yesterday with Andy, who organizes this charity event at KS Rocks every year. From our brief conversation it sounds like they do it every year and all proceeds go to the Down Syndrome Guild locally. $45 buy in per rig no matter how many...
  2. frijolee

    Joel's multipurpose 40 on 41s

    New project getting started... 1972 FJ40. Forgive me as I'm a bit late to the party. Having never really wheeled Toyota products before I hadn't run across IH8MUD until I bought my first Cruiser. However, because of the fact there's so little Cruiser left, I'm guessing this belongs in the...
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