ride share

  1. SNLC

    Panama to the USA, ride share - short adventure!

    I am getting ready to start the long drive from Panama back to the USA. I am putting this up for the heck of it! I have done the ride share thing before from Texas to Costa Rica and it worked out well. I can pick you up anywhere along the way within reason. I can also drop you off anywhere...
  2. Pacer

    West Maroon Bells trail, traveling Keystone Cruiser

    Hello CO Mudders, My son, lady and I are headed to your great state this month and have been trying to figure out how best to get back to CB once we hike Maroon Pass to Aspen. There's Dolly's Shuttle, at $60/per leaves us looking for another option. Maybe one of you guys/gals would be up for a...
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