1. Red Merle

    Rust reversal theory and how to sandblast?

    I have been using a rust reversal technique on my rust belt cruiser for the last 6 months. I have discovered that a mix of bar chain oil and Fluid Film makes a easily sprayable coating that finds its way into the threads and nuts. Things that were straight up seized and crumbling have since come...
  2. D17840

    Fj40 rear spring reversal

    Hello all I've just reversed my rear leaf springs on my 78-40. Hellcreek 4" SUA. Does anyone know a part # for a rear brake line that's a good 4" longer than stock? Thanks!
  3. cahoove7

    Shackle reversal rear shackle hanger placement

    Hi all, We bought a man-a-fre shackle reversal kit. In the instructions it says the holes center to center should be 42 1/8" unless you want to move it closer for a softer ride. My dad and I are new to working with leaf springs so don't know much about how to adjust ride quality and shackle...
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