1. RLMS

    David H's 80 series. Before and after

    So we ended up buying David's 80. Sold it to a client, then upgrades happened. We had to get it ready for the #SWadventure17 trip and moab 17. It's wild how the cruiser completely changed! Before Pics
  2. RLMS

    Builds Red Line Landcruisers " The Tale of Two 80's" Build

    THE TALE OF TWO 80s Introduction Jay and I (Justin) had an epiphany last year. We used to make fun of guys just like us when we were younger. We'd say things like,"He drives an 80 series. Such a wuss." If we're being honest, we snubbed those guys big-time. They had the windows up and the A/C...
  3. RLMS

    Red Line Big Brake kit! Fits 40-45-55-60 Mini truck live axles

    Red Line Big Brake Kit, Front Landcruiser Upgrade, FJ-40,45,55,60,70 Series Tired of not have the brake performance on your land cruiser? Have you upgraded to 35,37″ Tires, a V8 ? Well, This brake kit is for you. It’s the only kit of its kind for the solid axle land cruiser on the market. Red...
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