1. Meltdwn

    Wanted  Rear bumper and tire carrier for 80 Series.

    New member here. Happy to find some like-minded enthusiasts! I recently purchased a '96 Land Cruiser w/ 6" lift and 37" tires. It lacks a rear bumper. I'd like to get one with a tire carrier as the first priority. A ladder/can carrier is a second wish, but not critical. Also looking for...
  2. peggyfzj80

    Custom Tube Bumpers and Flat Rack

    This is too cool!!! 🤩💜Peggy got a bunch of custom steel tube work done 💥🔥I’ve had these designs drawn up for years. When I was finally ready to do it, Mike @ Bump it Offroad @bumpitoffroad (Windsor, Colorado) was happy to take on the project. Both front and rear bumpers are bolt on and all the...
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