rear heater valve

  1. tampacruiser95

    Heater lines cracked and leaked out all my coolant

    Luckily my truck didn't overheat before I realized. Has anyone ever bypassed the heater lines altogether? Or at least the rear heater line - and for lack of a better term, just removed and "capped" under the hood? I don't use, nor do I anticipate a time when I will use the rear heater. I want to...
  2. Wes

    Rear Heater Valve Rebuild

    After rebuilding my rear heater and re-installing it, I noticed a leak from around the shaft of the valve when fully open. It didn't leak any other time. I guess I damaged an o-ring or the shaft while rebuilding everything. I had to solder the hard pipes to the core because I couldn't get the...
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