rear control arm

  1. jbatx

    Rear control arm mount protection

    Who has protection on their rear control arm mounts? Post pics, please. ...I manage to nail them every time I'm out. JB
  2. J

    Are OEM rear control arm bushings available for a '99 LX?

    I'm looking at refurbishing the rear suspension on my LX. I would like to go oem if possible. I've found d everything on my list LC shocks (the AHC is long gone and has been replaced with the Strutmasters kit), sway bar links and bushings, and control arm bolts are in my Camelback Toyota...
  3. AG200

    Bent Rear Lower Control Arm - Any Recommendations?

    Update 100215: Straightened and sleeved. They should withstand some banging and retained the OEM bushing. See bottom post for pics. Update 091515: Now looking to straighten/sleeve or trus OEMs. Orig Post: Bent up my rear lower control arm - any recommendations on heavy duty replacement. Looks...
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