radiator fluid antifreeze

  1. LittleRedWgon

    FJ 60 Antifreeze spewing

    My Temp gauge went HIGH a few days ago when I was 3 blocks from home. I limped home and shut her down...Antifreeze was spewing from this port...a lot. (this is the passenger front wheel well on firewall...Brake line to the left and double Heater lines to the right) Any Ideas of my possible...
  2. Hornd

    Testing Coolant with Multi-Meter

    Reading the Multi-meter A reading of .4 volts or less means the coolant is good. Replace the coolant if the reading is higher than .4 volts. If you think the only job of antifreeze (coolant) is to cool the engine during the summer and prevent freeze-up during the winter, read on. Coolant also...
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