pump help

  1. llunchboxx

    Power Steering Pump Help

    Hey All, Alright, bear with me as I'm sure there have been some newbie mistakes I need calling out on. I noticed the stock PS Pump on my 60 had sprung a leak at the shaft and was slowly spraying ATF all over the engine bay and ordered a reman replacement from Rock Auto. Finally got the "new"...
  2. Karalina

    Need help to fix my FZJ 80

    Hi, Last year I embarked on the adventure to buy and drive a 1997 FZJ 80 4.5 in eastern Tajikistan. Spare parts are rare and so are qualified mechanics... Being tired of well-meant but not well-informed smattering, I try to figure out things myself. So, I'd be glad if anybody could help me...
  3. J

    Fuel supply problem

    Hi fellas, I have a problem I need help with. My 100 series 1hz non turbo is only squirting fuel from 4 of the 6 ports on the pump. The other 2 have little or no fuel coming out. What could be the problem. It starts and idles but won't rev out. I run bio diesel and wonder if this has a bearing...
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