pulley removal

  1. Pierce

    RTH: 1 banana fool can’t change a supercharger pulley

    1997 Land Cruiser I’m between a rock an a hard place. I have the belt off of the supercharger and can’t put it back on and I can’t get the nut lose on the supercharger to change the pulley... I can’t get a nut over the pulley tensioner... Am I at the point where I need to remove the fan...
  2. 1973Guppie

    SC Pulley Removal

    For those of you whom have removed your stock TRD supercharger pulley, did you need to use a puller to get the pulley off of the blower snout? I zipped the nut off but could not get the pulley to remove. I checked the pulley boys website and the pullers it has mentions that they are not needed...
  3. AncientCityFJ60

    Help! Power steering pulley

    So, today I decided to replace my power steering pump on my FJ60 (thanks again beno for the new pump!) however I can't get the pulley loose. What am I doing wrong??? Old pump is still installed. Tried with the belt on and off, pulley just spins. Any gurus out there have some sage advice for me?
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