1. S

    Ptman arm puller for Upper and Lower Ball Joints

    Ive read a couple threads where there was discussion about some fitting and some not fitting. Any pointers on what to look for one or even a link would be great. I am replacing ball joints this weekend and taking the whole knuckle assembly off. I have to reboot the CVs and figured it made...
  2. Super77

    More Power Puller Review - Comealong as a Winch Alternative

    Basic recovery gear is a minimum when going off-pavement. We all know that. A shovel, some cable or straps, a hi-lift, etc. My dilemma is that realistically, I can count on one hand the number of times a year I do this. Hopefully more in the future, but not currently worth investing in. Winches...
  3. DoubleNickels

    Transmission / Transfer Puller Tool

    Thought I'd share a quick solution. I didn't have the correct puller in-hand to separate my 4-speed transmission from the transfer case. After obliterating my thumb with a BFH and a plastic block (I was, like an idiot, trying to separate the cases by tapping on the splined shaft), I decided to...
  4. L

    For Sale 98 fl70

    1998 FL70 , 8.3 cummins ,allison tranny, crew cab toy hauler, recently serviced, gooseneck and 5th wheel hook ups , all air ride cab chassis seats, tinted windows, all power , drives great new tires and 2 spares, buying much larger trailer and bigger truck, great truck 23b/o
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