pto winch gear

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    For Sale  New Zealand- 13BT engine, gearbox with transfercase and PTO unit for sale

    Hi, I have a 13BT engine which needs a rebuild as one of the piston chipped on the edge. I has the gearbox with transfer case and also has the PTO attached. The gearbox is still in good condition. Comes out of 1988 Toyota BJ74. Done 250.000km. power steering and alternator rebuild by previous...
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    FJ PTO Winch - Impossible Question - brass color gear wheel "blueprint"

    I ignored my wife's threats to divorce me if I continue throwing money into my 1978 FJ40, and bought an old PTO winch. It is missing the floor shifter lever, but everything else seems to be there. I took it to the shop of a guy that restores classics (in Bolivia, South-america), and he is...
  3. PTO Winch - Brass colored gear 1

    PTO Winch - Brass colored gear 1

    Brass colored gear - worn, need replacement
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