ps fender

  1. erics

    Wanted  patina'd freeborn red PS fender apron

    Anyone have a weathered passenger side fender apron that would be a good replacement for this blue one to generally match the patina of the truck?? ideally would trade but willing to buy... truck is a 66 lpb - I don't know that the year really matters, just thinking a patina driver thanks
  2. 4

    Wanted  Late model PS fender OEM

    ISO a late model PS fender in excellent condition, I have a restorable fender just looking for a perfect fender, no aftermarket
  3. bucketman

    Wanted  LX450 front passenger side fender & flair

    I'm looking for a PS front fender for a 1997 LX450. Any color will work. I will paint to match. Prefer dent free and flair must be intact with no damage. No rust. I'm also looking for an additional front passenger side fender flare for the same LX450. The closer to Medford, OR the better. I...
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