1. Gxme200

    Xenon Bulbs to Leds

    Ηειιο all. Recently, I upgraded my land cruiser 2010 headlights to 2013 headlights. The one with Projector Low beams. I got into a problem of not having the OEM ballasts for the xenon bulbs. And the ones available are fairly expensive in my country. My question is, instead of using xenon...
  2. Luke111


    LX470 HID RETROFIT PROJECTOR BRACKETS ARE AVAILABLE HID MINI H1 BRACKET AND PROJECTOR INSTALL GUIDE In my quest to simplify the retrofit process in my LX470 I decided to have a bracket made...
  3. tractorpole

    Wanted Passenger side Depo headlight

    so I caught a rock in my passenger side headlight that I retrofitted with a projector.:mad: I am hoping someone has one of the crystal ones laying around. just like these Or if someone knows where or who to order a single headlight from instead of buying another kit. Thanks TP
  4. MojoCruiser

    "Rim Cell" Depo Headlights? Projectors?

    Does anyone have any info on these depo "Cell Rim" headlights? Have you ever seen them before? Are they new? Even though the website says '90 FJ82 I believe that they are for the 80 series. They are listed right underneath the more commonly known Depo 212-1173PXLD-E and 212-1173PXRD-E. The Part...
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