power window malfunction

  1. Diytech123

    Power window - buzzing / whirring noise

    My recently acquired 2009 LX570 has developed a buzzing / whirring noise (it's not whining noise though) while the driver side window rolls up. Rolling down is smooth but rolling up makes loud buzzing noise and slows down while it comes to completely close. It's ok passenger side it is better...
  2. Bill F

    Switch Doctors window switch replacement

    Did this today while drinking my coffee, made a very basic video that might be helpful to some: Overall the switch seems to work pretty well at 10% of the price of a factory replacement, and I clearly need new window runs (and probably motors), but will get to that as I can. And yes (full...
  3. B

    Power Window Problems LC80 1fzfe

    When it rains, front windows sometimes refuses to rise back up. But when its sunny and not raining, windows work properly. rubbers on the outside windows are tight and good when its closed and water cant come in, Has anyone experienced this problem before? Thanks
  4. M

    FZJ80 drivers ower window malfunctions while truck is running

    Hey all, new to the forum here. I apologize in advance for the long post. I purchased a 1995 Land Cruiser in October of '15 with 125k miles. Rebuilt the front axles/steering knuckles, re-did the entire interior (minus the seats) and replaced all of the speakers. Love this thing and plan to use...
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