power mods

  1. djzimms

    Keeping Cigarette Lighter on When Vehicle Turned Off

    I'm curious if anyone has a quick fix (or not so quick fix) for something I'd like to change about factory settings with the cigarette lighter. I'd like to make an adjustment so that the cigarette lighter can still charge small items here and there when the vehicle is turned off. Seems like...
  2. L

    1HDT Clutch Vs Power

    Hi, And here I am thinking with my buttons about what kind of power upgrades or even "raw HPs" would the stock clutch handle. In my case I'm running a custom clutch based on the stock one but it isn't all that much aggressive then the stock one. Engine wise I'm running stock CT-26 @ 15Lbs...
  3. M

    12HT Power Mods - What have you done? what figures does it make? gimme the details :D

    hey fellas, wondering what people have done the their 12HT's to gain more power, whether you have done insane stuff to get ridiculous power or if you have tried to play it safe and get good power as well as engine life, just show me what youve done to your 12HT! im personally thinking of doing...
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