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  1. M

    Help with possible electrical short

    Hey everybody. Bought a '94 cruiser a couple years ago. I've cleaned it up and got it running beautifully. I fully understand all the love for it, it is amazing. Anyways, down to my issue. One day my girl and I decide to take a drive up to the mountains. Right after starting it, I catch a...
  2. Gnarwgn

    Deferred Maintenance (PO) Advice For a Rookie Hundy Owner...

    Hey Team - Need some help. Picked up my 2001 Hundy over the summer (in my rookie year still) and since have been accruing a list of 'small' deferred maintenance items (thanks previous owner), none of which I believe are that serious (fingers crossed). As a whole however (10 items total), it has...
  3. A

    Driver Door Power Lock Gets Stuck When It Hot Outside

    I live in Sacramento, California where the summers get quite hot. At the end of last summer I started having an intermittent problem with my driver door's power lock not working. I noticed the problem occurred on hot days over 95 or when the sun was directly hitting the driver door. No problems...
  4. D

    Drivers door power lock failure

    Hey everybody. I just recently started having some issues with the power lock on the drivers door not working. It's one of those things that is just a hassle and I'm not sure what it could be since it's just the one door... Has anybody else had an issue like this, or had some success in fixing it?
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