1. sunrk

    I'm a fan of POR-15 and have used it a lot on various things - not yet tried Hirsch equivalent

    However the tin design changed a while back and the way the lids on the 0.946 L tins fit is different and they do not open with a simple lever device like any normal paint tin. is there a proper special tool for opening POR-15 tins? And can the lid be re-fitted after getting out the required...
  2. SlimerP98

    1964 FJ40 Gas Tank Woes/Options

    Hello again everyone! After struggling with fuel issues for a while and finding a bunch of junk in my fuel lines and filter, I decided to finally pull my gas tank. The previous owner said that they had the tank boiled out back in 2020 and there was a tag on the tank from the place that did it...
  3. B

    Advice on undercarriage rust treatment?

    Hey Guys, I had my car up on the lift and was changing the oil and greasing the zerks and noticed that the under carriage is starting to rust. I have had it just over a year and it was really clean underneath and no rust. I got the car from near riverside and I live close to the coast in San...
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