1. Willis

    SOLD  Bend, OR: 1992 HZJ75 Turbo-1HZ Pop-Top Landcruiser w/buildout

    I am listing this for an acquaintance/customer who is paying me a couple hundred bucks and probably a steak dinner so please don't come at me with too many silly questions 😅 He is asking $48,000 OBO This is a complete troopy with almost every add on you'd ever want to do, half the price of...

    80 Series Pop-top Builds

    So as not to clutter @LandCruiserPhil's excellent build threads, I'd like to start a thread dedicated to interesting 80 series pop-top designs and builds. If you have one, or know of one, please consider posting a link, picture, or both, below. To start, here are some interesting rigs from...
  3. SOAZtim

    The Goose is loose. FZJ80 Campteq Pop-Top

    Well, old Goose, our 1995 80 series went through some big changes over the last year. We had a nicely built truck for every bit of exploring we did over the last 8 or so years. The problem was that there wasn't any interior living space and we were planning to live in the truck for a year or...
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