points ignition fj40

  1. C

    points for a non vacuum advance on fj40 75 2F engine.

    I have a distributor with no vacuum advance on my 2F engine. I am trying to find point for it and all the pictures for points when i look up by year don't match. I have tried going up and down in years to see if they were built with different Dizzy's. I have yet to find anything close. It...
  2. CTrain224

    Acceleration and Deceleration Issues

    Hey there, new to the fj40 club. Just bought a 71 fj40 FULLY STOCK over a month ago. Heres the condition of it when i got it: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Well, this was it after a few modifications.. First, the front rear and back left drums and the master cylinder were...
  3. overton

    77 FJ40 - Eliminating Points

    I want to update a 77 FJ40 and eliminate the points. I see Marks Off Road sells a Pertronix Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit that fits 1974-1977 FJs. This unit can als be run with the stock coil, but for maximum performance gain, the Flamethrower coil [010-30EA] is recommended. Any...
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