1. Alexbv

    Finally replaced my dying Diehard Platinum 31M

    Die Hard battery wasn't holding charge anymore and it was hard to pull the trigger because of cost ($300) but I think is worth it. Install was a breeze, no need to trim anything since the fins at the bottom narrow down enough to fit. Cables are a little tight but they reached fine. Northstar...
  2. B

    Need batter to replace Sears Diehard Platinum 31M

    Hello, Finally rebuilt my starter and now realizing my battery, Sears Diehard Platinum 31M won't hold a charge. Sad to see that Sears no longer sells this battery. Plans in future to add a winch but none now. What's the best deal in a battery? 2017? Old posts seem no longer...
  3. Strand4x4

    Will these Tundra Wheels Fit My 2002 100 Series?

    I have searched the forum and I have not seen these wheels on a 100 series. I know most Tundra wheels fit, but I want to be sure before I buy these. I think they may be Tundra 1794 or Platinum series. Also, if anyone has them installed, I would love to see a pic. Eric
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