pig party

  1. yotadude520

    1970 FJ55 for sale in Seattle - only $300!!

    I posted this up in the classifieds but figured I'd post it here too. Somebody needs to rescue this piggy! Seller's # is (360) 770-6239 CL ad below: https://skagit.craigslist.org/pts/d/sedro-woolley-1970-land-cruiser/6952747990.html
  2. cruiserjunktion

    Pig Party 2018 T shirt Sale

    Although the design hasn’t been 100% finialized, I’m now taking orders for Pig Party ‘18 shirts. You do not need to attend the event to buy a shirt. Shirts are $10 each delivered to the event or $15 each + $3 shipping to those who would like a shirt(s) mailed to them. I will leave this poll...
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