performance failure

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    HELP!!! 2006 LC - To sell, or not to sell

    Hello all, It looks like I've purchased a lemon from a crappy dealership. Quick backstory: I was giving my car to a sibling, so I was told to buy a LC/LX470 for my next vehicle. I was living in Denver at the time and potentially had to move to GA for army stuff, so they're basically the...
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    100 series Rust -Actual Performance Failure

    I live in the Rust Belt (Indiana). I've had my '04 since new. Garage kept, dealer serviced, winter driven. No off road and only 115K . OEM Had '99 with 298K. 4th owner. Rust everywhere underneath. Ran like brand new, just eyesore under her garters. Rust and corrosion live in the undercarriage...
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