1. sunrk

    Finding correct length non-ABS CV's (aka 'birfs') for factory part-time 80

    I have HDK later-series (longer, with ABS ring) front CV joints (those things you guys call 'birfs') on my factory part-time 4wd 80. The original genuine ones (43405-60030) and the other p/n showing for my year of 80 (43405-60050) are both long out of production. Both Partsouq and Toyodiy quote...
  2. sunrk

    Spacers for body of Aisin part-time hub when using later (longer) CV's aka Birfields

    Dunno if anyone's done this, but when you fit later CV's (the longer ones) [what you guys call 'Birfields'] on a part-time 4wd 80 with Aisin hubs the shafts of the CV's take up all the space inside the back of the hub (once new snap-ring grooves have been cut to correct the CV position) and I've...
  3. cruiseroutfit

    LC100/LX470 Part-Time Conversion Discussion

    Hey guys, There has been an ongoing part-time conversion discussion in the 80 Series section, long story short I posted about our 80 kit offerings and the 100 somewhat stole the discussion. That thread along with comments from customers over the years assured me there is a market for a 100...
  4. cruiseroutfit

    Part-Time Conversion on the mind?

    Let us help quench the thirst! Part# TC80PTKIT - $525/kit Fits 1/1990 - 7/1992 FJ80 or customers who already have a Center Diff Lock Switch Includes T-Case Spool, 2xAISIN Hubs (Gold, other colors available) & Hub Gaskets. Part# TC80PTEKIT - $600/kit Fits 8/1992-1/95 FZJ80 Includes T-Case...
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